Growing up in Portland, Oregon, I have always been inspired by the natural world around me. My work deals with how society interacts with the natural world. Working on semi-narrative paintings and sculpture, I discuss human, animal and vegetative interactions. I want the viewer to be taken on an adventure—like a naturalist discovering a new species.

Some inspirations include fairy tales, adventure stories, cartoons, décor and natural history. 

My newer work talks about leisure activities and where people go to escape.

I am interested in the man-made, plastic worlds we have created to represent the natural world. Places like Disneyland, zoos, parks and gardens are the new American landscape.

Using patterns, glitter, fake plants and gold leaf, my work has an essentially “decorated” approach.

As the natural world continues to disappear we need to save and respect our natural places.


2015 Dark Paradise (Solo Show) Mark Woolley Gallery Portland, OR

2014 The Big 500 The Peoples Art of Portland Gallery Portland, OR 

2013 Portland Design Week 

2013 Unnatural Histories II Antler Gallery Portland, OR

2013 Amy Ruppel and Wesley Younie Mark Woolley Gallery Portland, OR 

2012 Unnatural Histories Antler Gallery Portland, OR 

2012 Fresh stART Santa Monica, CA 

2012 The Big 300 The Peoples Art of Portland Gallery Portland, OR 

2011 Tiergarten (Solo Show) Widen + Kennedy Portland, OR

2011 Wesley Younie (Solo Show) p:ear Portland, OR 

2010 Sitka Art Invitational Portland, OR 

2009 A Hunters Return to the Good Country Fontanelle Gallery Portland, OR 

2009 Natural Selection Tin Lark Gallery Hollywood, CA

2008 Forgotten Island Tin Lark Gallery Hollywood, CA

2007 Be Blue Mark Woolley Gallery Portland, OR

2007 The Silent World Stumptown Coffee Portland, OR

2006 Bestiary Group Show Froelick Gallery Portland, OR

2006 Funtastic Escape Hillsboro Cultural Arts Center Hillsboro, OR

2005 Youth is Wasted on the Young Gallery 500 Portland, OR

2005 Plushtastrophe Basil Haywood Gallery Portland, OR

2005 Vintage Vandals Savage Resources Portland, OR

2004 Bird Show Motel Gallery Portland, OR


2009 Mirabella Portland

2008 The Nines Hotel

2004 PICA TBA Festival


2006 Portland State University Bachelor of Science Painting

2002—2005 Pacific Northwest College of Art

2001 California College of Arts & Crafts